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The San Francisco Consolidated Municipal Election was held on November 8, 2011. Ross Mirkarimi was the winner out of 4 candidates after 2 elimination rounds.

Ross Mirkarimi was also the Condorcet winner.

Ross MirkarimiPaul MiyamotoChris CunnieEliminated in round 2David WongEliminated in round 1

Runoff Rounds

This Sankey diagram shows the votes of each remaining candidate at each round, as well as the breakdown of votes transferred when each candidate was eliminated.

Note that the tabulation (but not the winner) may differ from the official count. You can read more about why this is.

Round 1Round 2Round 3Ross MirkarimiChris CunniePaul MiyamotoDavid WongExhaustedRoss MirkarimiPaul MiyamotoExhausted

Pairwise Preferences

For every pair of candidates, this table shows the fraction of voters who preferred one to the other. A preference means that either a voter ranks a candidate ahead of the other, or ranks one candidate but does not list the other. Ballots which rank neither candidate are not counted towards the percent counts.

Less-preferred Candidate
Preferred Candidate
Ross Mirkarimi
Paul Miyamoto
Chris Cunnie
David Wong
Ross Mirkarimi 53.5% 54.1% 78.3%
Paul Miyamoto 46.5% 50.5% 82.5%
Chris Cunnie 45.9% 49.5% 78.8%
David Wong 21.7% 17.5% 21.2%

First Alternate

For every pair of candidates, this table shows the fraction of voters who ranked one candidate first ranked the other candidate second.

Second Choice
First Choice
Ross Mirkarimi
Paul Miyamoto
Chris Cunnie
David Wong
Ross Mirkarimi 22.3% 23.2% 5% 49.5%
Paul Miyamoto 23.8% 34.2% 12.8% 29.2%
Chris Cunnie 24.9% 35.6% 5.7% 33.8%
David Wong 17.8% 39.9% 14.2% 28.1%

Final Vote by First Choice

This table tracks which candidate ballots were ultimately allocated to, among ballots that ranked an eliminated candidate first.

Final Round Choice
First Round Choice
Ross Mirkarimi
Paul Miyamoto
Chris Cunnie 26.3% 38.8% 34.9%
David Wong 22.6% 46.7% 30.7%

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