San Francisco 2016 Municipal Election - District 5

The San Francisco 2016 Municipal Election - District 5 took place on 2016-11-08. London Breed won after one runoff round, and was also the Condorcet winner.

Runoff Rounds

This diagram shows the votes of each remaining candidate at each round, as well as the breakdown of votes transferred when each candidate was eliminated.

London Breed Dean Preston Exhausted BallotRound 1

Pairwise Preferences

For every pair of candidates, this table shows what fraction of voters preferred one to the other. A preference means that either a voter ranks a candidate ahead of the other, or ranks a candidate but does not list the other. Ballots which list neither candidate are not counted towards the percent counts.

Less PreferredMore PreferredLondon BreedDean PrestonLondon BreedDean Preston52.2%47.8%

First Alternate

For every pair of candidates, this table shows the fraction of voters who ranked one candidate first ranked the other candidate second.

Second ChoiceFirst ChoiceLondon BreedDean PrestonLondon BreedDean PrestonExhausted Ballot45.3%54.7%47.0%53.0%


NameSan Francisco 2016 Municipal Election - District 5
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Raw Input Data

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